We did alright for only a couple hours of filming

Ryan gave me one day notice prior to filming. Troy only had Bonsor park and a spot in Olympic village for locations. The Olympic village spot was a bust but we found a couple other spots around to get shots. Got yelled at by an elderly man for skating the alley of the apartment he manages. "You're not the manager of the alley" didn't go over well, cops were called. Went up to the hills where I trashed the brakes on my car filming follow cam. Stu's buying a car for landy next week hopefully.

Legendary spot, not so legendary run

Broke my wrist skating the LY ramp 2 or 3 weeks before our trip to Hawaii. Stayed off the board the whole trip till we got to the Wallows. Animal Chin! Bones Brigade! I had to skate! I was a little rusty, never rode that board before, setup loose, wheel bite and slam into nasty ditch water. Protected my wrist well enough but my legs took a little impact and grind on that hot Hawaiian concrete. I heard Tony Hawk got a gnarly staph infection from falling there so I scrubbed the shit out of that one.