Must go back to Croatia

Some beautiful photos from a brief but memorable stop in Zagreb, Croatia. Big thanks to Hrvoje Golubic for sharing


Euro ferries feel like ghetto cruise ships

I was getting a rolling shot of the Vatican when I saw some Vatican Police guy yelling at me. I decided to skate out of the area and he decided to chase me. Held me and stared at me for a while asking to see my passport which i didn't feel like showing. Eventually let me go. One more reason that place sucks


Pinecones anyone?

I wasn't there for any of the setup so Yates was doing all the construction filming. Considering his limited experience using a camera he did some good work. A couple interviews had no audio or the classic negative recording but he got what i needed. Thanks Adam!


One of my favourite places i've been to

We arrived in Corsica during the heavy tourist time but that didn't spoil anything. It was hot everyday except for one day when we drove across the entire island to pick up Troy. Jacobs tele lens got stuck on my camera for an entire day until Dillon magically got it off with ease. We owed him a bottle of wine for that one. Drunkest night of the entire 4 week trip was when we picked up Troy in Bastia (welcome to the team!) We only had 3 or 4 hours in Rome so I planned out a route so we could hit as many tourist spots. That was the hottest day of the trip, no driving in Rome so we skated/bused/trained everywhere. The Vatican was creepy, pretty much a super villain world HQ. I shotgunned a beer in front of the popes house. I almost lost my drone on top of Mt. Vesuvius with a huge crowd of people watching. I landed and while I was putting it away someone who worked there started telling me how I couldn't fly there. Too bad I already got the shot sucker!


We did alright for only a couple hours of filming

Ryan gave me one day notice prior to filming. Troy only had Bonsor park and a spot in Olympic village for locations. The Olympic village spot was a bust but we found a couple other spots around to get shots. Got yelled at by an elderly man for skating the alley of the apartment he manages. "You're not the manager of the alley" didn't go over well, cops were called. Went up to the hills where I trashed the brakes on my car filming follow cam. Stu's buying a car for landy next week hopefully.

Legendary spot, not so legendary run

Broke my wrist skating the LY ramp 2 or 3 weeks before our trip to Hawaii. Stayed off the board the whole trip till we got to the Wallows. Animal Chin! Bones Brigade! I had to skate! I was a little rusty, never rode that board before, setup loose, wheel bite and slam into nasty ditch water. Protected my wrist well enough but my legs took a little impact and grind on that hot Hawaiian concrete. I heard Tony Hawk got a gnarly staph infection from falling there so I scrubbed the shit out of that one.